Some Tips On How To Sell Cars In GTA 5

Steal car In Gta 5

GTA 5 is a game with a huge number of users. So many people used this game that the producer had to upgrade to multiple versions to meet the needs of the players.

In this version of GTA 5, you can earn money to buy accessories or equipment to make your car go faster and stronger.

You can earn more money in the game in many ways, but the simplest is selling cars. However, not everyone has many cars to sell to make money.

So, how to sell cars in GTA 5? In this article, we will show you how to get a vehicle for sale. The two simplest ways are to steal cars and sell the cars you already have. Check out gta 5 for mobile here.

GTA 5 Overview

GTA 5 Overview
GTA 5 Overview

GTA’s full name is Grand Theft Auto, a street robbery game set in the US.

GTA 5 has evolved to the 5th version with many techniques and vivid images. The developer also updated the game with a unique mission and character system that attracts players.

The context of GTA 5 is America in the 80s. Images from graphics, colors, character costumes all clearly show the picture of America in the situation of those years. As one of the top role-playing games, GTA 5 certainly won’t let you down.

You can play this game on multiple platforms: your PC and mobile phone. With 4K resolution images and 60 frames per second, you can be assured of picture quality no matter what device you play on.

GTA5 now also has a web version. So, you can have fun without having to install the game on your device. 

Some Ways To Get A Car For Sale

GTA 5 is a realistic role-playing game whose main theme is racing. So you can have more than one car but only upgrade and use a particular favorite car. 

So, what do the rest of the cars do? You can sell it in exchange for some money to upgrade your favorite car.

You can refer to how to sell a car in GTA 5 according to the Grand Theft Auto 5 video for more details:

Steal car

Steal car In Gta 5
Steal car In Gta 5

Stealing a car is the simplest way for you to make money from cars. Although theft is discouraged, it is part of the game, and you can use it to increase your winnings.

Step 1: Look for potentially stolen cars

Not all stolen vehicles can be sold, and each car will have a different price. For example, common and popular cars will be difficult for you to sell at a high price.

Nicer cars or expensive, high-end sports cars are the ultimate targets, worthy of a steal. The rule in the game is that the more beautiful and luxurious the cars are, the higher the stakes will be.

Step 2: Keep an eye on the surroundings

As a realistic simulation game, the game also has police equipment. You need to look carefully around not to be detected.

In case you have targeted the car to steal, but there are policemen nearby, you should stay calm and wait for them to leave.

Not only the police, but you also need to be careful with the car owners; They can appear at any time. If you encounter this situation, you need to run away before being caught and handed over to the police.

Step 3: Steal

Once you’ve defined your goals and made sure your surroundings are safe, you can execute your plan. Act as quickly as possible before anyone finds out.

A little trick for you to steal expensive cars is to go to the areas for the rich. Large shopping malls or fancy restaurants will have more expensive cars for you to pick up.

Step 4: Preserve and bring to the point of sale

In the process of taking the car, you may accidentally scratch the car. Unhealthy cars will have a lower value. Therefore, you need to take good care of your car to resell it at the highest price.

There will be scuffles along the way, and you need to make sure the car takes as little damage as possible. You can avoid the fights by speeding up and finding a quiet hiding place in the back alleys.

Go to Customs

Go to Customs

After successfully stealing the car, you need to sell it to convert it into money. However, only a few places that accept the collection of stolen cars are Los Santos Customs. To sell the cars in your group, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Drive your car to the garage of Los Santos Custom

In the process of driving to the custom, you also need to drive carefully to avoid bumps or scratches. Cars that are not intact will not have a high price, and even customs may not accept the purchase.

Step 2: Select menu

The purpose you bring the car here is to sell it, so you need to choose the right deal. After driving into the garage, the screen will display a menu for you to choose from.

Los Santos Customs garage has many services such as car repair, upgrade, … You need to scroll down all the menus and find the “sell” button to sell your car.

Step 3: Confirm the transaction

After selecting the car sale section, the screen will display the amount that you will receive.

If you agree to sell for that amount, the final step is to confirm the transaction. After confirmation, the car will immediately be converted into money into your account. 

Where To Sell Cars In Gta 5

Where To Sell Cars In Gta 5

After knowing how to sell cars, you need to know where to buy your cars. In GTA 5, you can sell expensive cars to people in need. However, the easiest way for you to sell stolen vehicles is at the Los Santos Customs.

You can easily find Los Santos Custom near your location to sell the cars as quickly as possible. Because if you don’t sell those cars rapidly, there’s a risk the owners will find out.

Los Santos Custom branches are located in many places, so you don’t have to worry about finding locations. You can see points marked with the aerosol icon on the map, a unique symbol for the end of the sale. 

There are 4 points of acceptance of stolen cars from Los Santos Customs: Los Santos International Airport, Burton, Grand Senora Desert, and La Mesa.


If you’re new to GTA 5, this is an article you can’t ignore if you want to make the most of the utility in the game. 

One way to quickly upgrade and gain more skills in the game is to earn money to buy items. The fastest way to make money is to sell cars you don’t need.

You can easily sell your car or steal it and sell it for money. We’ve shown you step-by-step how to do just that. We hope that you will successfully apply the above instructions to your game screen. 

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