A Detailed Guide on How To Uninstall GTA 5 Mods? Manually And Automatically

We are going to do a quick tutorial on how to uninstall GTA 5 Mods. This instruction is for players who want to play online with their friends.

Uninstalling mods will help you prevent strange problems and Rockstar bans. There are two ways to carry out this installation: manually and automatically by using GTA V Mod Remove Tool.

You will find detailed step-by-step instructions below.

Let’s read on to discover!

How To Uninstall GTA 5 Mods Manually? 

You know that you will have a mods folder, whether it be of weapons mod, vehicles mod, or any of that sort. You are going to have a mod folder if you are modeling GTA V.

So what you are going to want to do is go ahead to your desktop or anywhere that is easy for you. Make the right folder by right-clicking a new select folder.

And I am just going to name it GTA backup. You can name it whatever you want. It doesn’t matter. Then we are going to put the mods there temporarily until you want to play it again. 

Create A GTA Backup
Create A GTA Backup

So for that, you will go to my main directory of GTA V by right-clicking the launcher by GTA V hit. Open the file name “Location,” and you will get your location anyways.

  1. What you are going to do is select your mods folder.
  2. Right-click it, hit cut.
  3. Put it to your GTA V backup.
  4. If you are removing the mods, you don’t want anymore at all. If you don’t want mods at all, go ahead and start cutting it.
Move Mods Folder To GTA V Backup
Move Mods Folder To GTA V Backup
  1. You can select Delete. Right-click it, hit Delete, and it will be good. 
  2. If you want to get rid of it anyway, you will want to go to your open GTA IV. So, let’s follow the steps below
  3. Go ahead and launch it to open GTA IV
  4. Right-click it and select Run as administrator
Right-click On Open To Run As
Right-click On Open To Run As
  1. Slide GTA V for Windows. It is going to load up.
  2. Then select Tools and go to the ASI manager. It is going to load up three things.
Go To The ASI Manager
Go To The ASI Manager
  1. Go ahead uninstall all of them
Uninstall All Of Them
Uninstall All Of Them

And that is all you need to do an essay for GTA V. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to go to your GTA V main directory once again. 

And then select all of any leftover .dll files such as these scripts. You want to right-click them head cut and then paste them into your GTA V backup folder you made.

Just a while ago, along with a bouncing hook. As you can see, there are .asi files; go ahead and move it there.

Move .dll And .asi Files To GTA V Backup

And that’s pretty much it, such as things such as we shade sweet effects EMP series I played with them online. I haven’t gotten banned yet.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can take them out too. Just go ahead and drop it into the GTA file backup.

So such as we shade, I can take out any shade and my scripts folder. But those are not very necessary because you take in all the set loaders. Make sure you miss any set loaders, or your game will not start.

That’s pretty much all you need to do. So, for example, I have a trainer to 5 psi, but I can’t load it with the script without a script hook. So I don’t need to remove it.

If you want, you can remove it to be safe. Rockstar won’t ban people for no reason. Sometimes it isn’t very pleasant at times anyways.

Well, you could go ahead and launch GTA V. If you’ve been watching your game for a while, you might get a cropped memory error.

Your game might not be valid, so what you’re going to want to do in that case is go to Properties of the GTA launcher.

  1. Right-click to hit Properties 
Right-click On GTA V Launcher To Hit Properties
Right-click On GTA V Launcher To Hit Properties
  1. You’re going to see a target line from there just going to hit space.
  2. Type – verify, and then you’ll turn on that go ahead and Apply, hit Continue and select OK.
Type - Verify And Apply GTA V
Type – Verify And Apply GTA V

So now, what you are going to do is launch the game as usual. But then, instead of the game launching, you’re going to get something else. Something like a very fine tab, as you will see in a second.

Once it loads up, and then pretty much what this does is it’s going to check all your internal game files. If it’s missing a thing or old, or any of that source and needs replacing, it’s going to tell the game launcher to redownload it.

So then you’re going to have a stocked vanilla GTA V for you to play with online. Once you’re done verifying the game downloading, go ahead right-click properties again if you need to.

Make sure you take off, delete “Verify,” just like that, hit Apply and Continue, then hit OK. That’s pretty much all you need to do, go online and sign in with your Rockstar game ID. Then go ahead and play with your friends. 

Uninstall GTA 5 Mods Using GTA V Mod Remove Tool 

GTA V Mod Remove Tool detects all modded files automatically. Then, it’s going, summing up, showing you those folders and files.

It requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, so you’re going to want to download it. Here’s a how-to tutorial of GTA V Mod Remove Tool:

  1. Download this GTA V Mod Remove Tool

Download GTA V Mod Remove Tool (link)

  1. Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (link)

  1. Go to the downloaded GTA V Mod Remove Tool folder
  2. Right-click and select Exact to “41caf5-GTA V Mod Remove Tool\”

Select Exact to “41caf5-GTA V Mod Remove Tool\” (link)

  1. Open the newly created folder.
  2. Go to GTA V Mod Remove Tool file, then double click.

Go to GTA V Mod Remove Tool file (link)

  1. You will see the Browse For Folder dialog box

Browse For Folder (link)

  1. Select This PC, look for the name of the laptop and open it
  2. Open Program Files
  3. Find and open the Epic Games folder to check if the GTA V folder exists in it

Open The Epic Games Folder (Link)

  1. If you see it, press OK

Press Ok (link)

  1. Then a GTA V Mod Remove Tool dialog box will open and show you all modded folders and files.
  2. Click on Delete all files and folders from the GTA V folder

Delete All Files And Folders From The GTA V Folder (link)

  1. Immediately, you will see a message pop up on the screen, prompting that “Are you sure to delete all mods?” Select Yes.

“Are You Sure To Delete All Mods?” (link)

So you have completed the process of uninstalling GTA 5 Mod.

Final Thoughts 

Now, you’ve got a complete guide on how to uninstall GTA 5 Mods. It’s not difficult to do. Don’t miss the videos above if you are still unsure how to do it. Leave a comment if you have any other questions. 

Thank you for reading!



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