How To Switch Characters In Gta 5 Ps4

Switch Characters in GTA 5 on PS4

In this article, we will discuss “How To Switch Characters In Gta 5 Ps4”. As we know it was already released more than seven years ago, GTA 5 has usually managed to purify its popularity from the very first day. Also, Rockstar has GTA Online basically to thank for this.

How To Switch Characters In Gta 5 Ps4

It has also grown into an immense community that’s usually to stay popular until GTA 6 is released. Still, most of the people usually continue to enjoy their single-player GTA 5 campaigns.

It is basically known as an innovative mechanic that used to set it apart. The fifth installment from earlier GTA releases is the three-character package. You can also play as Michael, who is a middle-aged gangster suffering from a midlife crisis, Franklin. Who is a street gang-associated man who always wants to grow up in life. And Trevor, and to know about him, you have to play the game.

GTA 5 was basically the first franchise game. Which usually offered 3 different main characters in the single-player campaign. Also allowing many players to switch at any point between these 3 characters. This feature used to gain a lot of fame from both fans and also media outlets, as this kind of approach was never taken in this scale open-world game before.

GTA Online basically allows each player to create two different characters and then use them according to their choice. Usually, the player can also switch between both of them. Even character switches in the game’s Online mode are not  as straightforward as in the single-player version of the game. Here are some steps on how to switch between your two characters in GTA 5 Online.

  • First of all you will need to activate the game’s pause menu while playing with one of the two characters
  • After that you will need to select the ‘’Online’’ tab
  • Then simply go to ‘’Swap Character’’
  • And after that you will have to confirm that you want to quit the session
  • And then you should select the character you wish to switch to using the directional keys
  • Then click confirm

How do you change to Michael on GTA 5?

GTA V always has three different playable characters: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Players can also be able to switch between each person at any time when he is off-mission. While the other two characters will also be busy with their daily lives. It’s really very important to note that some missions will always require you to have more than one character alone. So it is quite important to know about how to switch between your characters in GTA V PC.

This process is really very simple when you learn how to do it. So if you are still using the default controls for GTA V on PC, then obviously your left Alt button should be the main key to switch between your characters. And that’s basically all you need to know about switching characters in your game. But if that button is not working for you, you will find that there is always remapping. If you want to go to the settings, you can play around by using the controls and stick any actions to different keys.

On a different point, it will be also worth pointing out that while all three characters may look the same. They actually have their own in-built unique skill sets in GTA V. Here is a good example: during a heist mission. Each person will always be assigned in their own posts. Michael will also be getting down the building, Trevor will specially be in charge of the helicopter. And Franklin will always provide you with covering with his sniper rifle. During the escape, players can then recreate who will pilot the chopper and use the sniper rifle.

Why can’t I change my character in GTA 5?

Now, there are two main reasons why you can not be able to switch between GTA 5 characters. The first one is that you could be on a mission that doesn’t allow you to switch characters. And, the second reason may be that you’re much closer to a mission. If you’re much closer to a mission point. The menu will basically bring up the character on the specific screen and may also display the radio station screen. It can also drive about 10 seconds away from the mission point and then you will have to try it again.

If no any of the reasons happens in your case, then you should have to contact the Rockstar tech support to help you in solving this issue.

How do I switch back to Franklin in GTA 5?

In a specific moment in the game’s story mode, you may not be able to play as Franklin. And it is basically for the most part, also on a streak of a few consecutive missions with Trevor. You would not be able to switch between Franklin or Michael, even when you are in the free-roam mode. You will need to just continue playing the story missions to progress the game, and the switch option will become available after some time. We always encourage you to let yourself get involved in those Trevor missions, as; they are brilliant.

Any platform on which you are playing GTA 5, you can be easily able to switch between the three available characters for the majority of the game. It’s as simple as holding down the character menu button (Alt on PC, Down Button on D-pad on consoles). And then you should have selected the character which you want to switch to.

We hope that this article was really very helpful in learning how to switch between the characters in GTA 5. And get solved any issues you may already have encountered.

How do I switch between Michael and Franklin?

And now switching between characters in GTA 5 is very easy. And the game always does a great job of explaining the mechanics of involving the characters in story missions instead of a tutorial. But players jumping back into GTA 5 may have lost one or two steps and also have forgotten the GTA 5 controls and a number of gameplay mechanics.

This feature provided a lot of fame from the fans and media outlets alike, as this type of action was never taken in an open-world game of this scale.

The player can also be able to choose an alternate between the game’s three lead characters: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. When the player has finished creating their GTA: Online character. They can also even switch directly to their Online character to start playing GTA: Online.

  • You will have to click the “LAlt” key (which is basically default control key for character switching). Usually when roaming freely in GTA 5, and holding down the keys
  • At the bottom-right of the screen a wheel will appear having all 3 characters
  • You will have to use your mouse to move around and select the character to which you wish to switch.
  • When the wheel appears to signal basically to switch to another character even while in combat during a story mission. You can also click the “LAlt” key to switch to another character in GTA 5 PC easily.

Switch Character Slots in GTA 5

When you are pressing and holding ‘’Alt’’ (PC) or the Down Button on the D-Pad. You will be able to see a very small character menu appear at the lower-right corner of your screen. You will also be able to see Michael (blue) on the left side, and Franklin (green) up, and Trevor (orange) on the right side. You may also want to switch these character slots, but, unfortunately, you can not do this in GTA 5. These three characters are always set to their fixed positions.

Similarly, on the character selection screen in GTA 5 Online, the characters are  always set to their fixed positions and you cannot switch them.

Usually it depends on what kind of player you are, you can also prefer different targeting modes in GTA 5. Also, an option will popup to select between targeting modes.

Most of the players have already found the Targeting Mode option to be grayed-out in the Online mode. And also GTA 5 and GTA Online are basically known as separate games, and also the settings from the single-player mode transfer to those of the online version.

So, you can very easily switch to a single-player character (Michael, Franklin, or Trever), and then go to the menu, scroll to the Settings tab, and then you will have to select ‘’Controls’’, and select the Targeting Mode of your choice. The changes will generally apply to the multiplayer game mode also.

Switch from first-person to third in GTA 5

On which platform you’re playing GTA 5 online on, you can be easily able to switch between the first- and third-person in GTA 5. For PS4, you should have to click the touchpad to perform the switch. On Xbox One, the ‘’Select’’ button will do the same thing for you. And basically for the PC, by clicking the ‘’V’’ key will make the switch between the first- and third-person.

When most of the players usually prefer the first-person mode to the third-person, they may find driving in first-person difficult. And also, the game allows you to play in first-person even on foot and you can automatically switch to third-person when in a vehicle. To perform this, you will have to go to the ‘’Settings’’ menu, then select ‘’Display’’, and finally you can activate the ‘’Allow Independent Camera Modes’’ option.

Even more, if you enter the Controls menu, you can also make the first-third-person switch possible as you enter the cover on-foot. This can also encourage your playing potential.

Switch Characters in GTA 5 on PS4

Switch Characters in GTA 5 on PS4

And, here is the same principle which we’ve explained for the PC version of the game that applies to consoles, also including PS4. And the only difference is that the keys which are used are really different.

  • You should have to hold down the Down Button on the D-Pad
  • And after that you will have to highlight the character which you want to switch by using the Right Analog stick
  • And then you can easily release the Down Button to switch
  • Switch Characters in GTA 5 on PC

PC gamers had also to wait for a good option after the game’s console release (this is also of a tradition with Rockstar), but they still ended up by getting the identical game the console players used to do. Basically, character switching played just as important a role on PC as on consoles. Here are some steps to know how to switch between GTA 5 characters on your computer.

  • You should have to hold down the ‘’Alt’’ key after running the game
  • Then you will have to use the directional keys or the mouse to highlight the character you wish to switch to
  • And then you will need to release the ‘’Alt’’ key








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